Current Activities

I know I haven’t posted to this blog in a while.  I have been quite busy.  Thought I would take the time to let everyone know what I’ve been up to.

April marked the first offering of my course, “African-American Genealogy”, available through  The course is email-based, and lasts for one month.  It currently includes 8 email lessons, though we are currently putting the finishing touches on a bulleting board system and a chat room function to enrich the learning experience.

I was also accepted to as the National African-American Genealogy Examiner.  I have already posted two articles:

Many more are still to come.  I look forward to this being a long-lasting endeavor.

Also, look for two articles I have written coming in the next few issues of Family Chronicle.  The first one is called “The Sources of your Sources” and explores the importance of identifying the informant for your record sources, and using this information to judge the reliability of the source.  There are examples using the major record groups.  The second article is called “Small Worlds and Clusters” and discusses the history of the development of network theory, in terms of social networks (and I don’t mean Facebook), and how to use the current knowledge to improve your “cluster genealogy” skills.

Finally, I have taken over the reins as administrator of the Prince George’s County, Maryland, and Charles County, Maryland, Genealogy Trails websites.  I have also taken over St. Mary’s County, Maryland, but have not yet been able to update the site.  These sites are dedicated to providing free record transcriptions for the benefit of genealogists.  If you are researching any of these three counties, and have records that you would be willing to transcribe or even just donate to the site (I’ll transcribe it!), please contact me at  I’ll appreciate all of the help I can get!

There are a few other things that I have been working on, but I have to keep them under wraps for now – I will let you know about them as soon as things are finalized!

P. S. For any philatelists (stamp collectors) out there – I have also launched a store with mostly First Day Covers from around the world – and many other stamps and covers soon to come!  Visit Hait Stamps and Covers at for my fully searchable catalog.  Check back often, as I add new products on a regular basis!

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