Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Paternal Grandmother’s Patrilinear Line

The theme of this blog comes from Randy Seaver’s blog Genea-Musings.  He challenges us to list our paternal grandmother’s (father’s mother) patrilineal line, that is her father’s father’s father’s etc., in the hopes of identifying Y-DNA candidates for this line.  Since I had already decided to try to include more personal genealogy in my blog, I will start with this one.

My grandmother was Marjorie Katherine Posson (1926-2002), daughter of Clarence Posson.  She was very special to me, and I will always regret that I was out of town when she passed.  I was supposed to visit with her the night before I left, but got tied up with other things, and told her I would come see her as soon as I got back.  It was the last time I spoke with her.  My grandma was the one who first got me into genealogy back when I was about 8 or 9 years old, and (as you may know) it has since become a passion.

I have used the Ahnentafel numbers for this line.

5.  Marjorie Katherine Posson (1926-2002)

10.  Clarence Posson (1898-1973)

20.  Fred Posson (1871-1954)

40.  William Henry Harrison Posson (1840-1906)  Civil War veteran – went to Rockford, Illinois with cousin Henry Posson – enlisted in Co. G, 45th Illinois Volunteers – moved to West Berne

80.  William Posson (1800-?)

160.  Peter Posson  (1771-?)

320.  Peter Posson  (1739-?)

640.  Conrad Posson

As for a Y-DNA line, my grandmother does have a brother, and he is still living, so I will not put his name here, but maybe I can talk him into a Y-DNA test?  Who knows?


3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Paternal Grandmother’s Patrilinear Line

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  2. Mr Hait,
    Hello, my name is Teresa, I hope you are doing well. I have been seaching on line for any relatives that I can find of Mr. William Henry Harrison Posson, as my husband and I have aquired a few documents mostly receipts of goods purchased by Mr. Posson for his general store in Berne. Please contact me by email when you receive this reply, so we may discuss with you.
    Thank you,

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