Notable Genealogy Blog Posts, 13 May 2012

The following recent blog posts are those that I consider important or notable. Unlike other similar blog lists, I cannot guarantee that they will all be from the past week. (Some weeks I simply do not have time to read any blogs.) But I will try to write this on a fairly regular basis.

NOTE: As this post appears, I will be driving from Ohio to Delaware, coming home from the National Genealogical Society annual conference. Since I have been there all week, there are only a few posts noted here.

Anne Morddel, CG, “Sourcing and Annotating the French Way,” The French Genealogy Blog, posted 2 May 2012 ( : accessed 6 May 2012). Ms. Morddel discusses the work of a French genealogist to describe sources in France, using original records. Though Evidence Explained holds a dear place in the hearts of American genealogists, it does fall somewhat short on international records. (That could take another 800 pages!) But standards in genealogy are not unique to American genealogy, so I love to read about similar efforts in other countries. The post refers to …

Sophie Boudarel, “Comment utiliser les sources en généalogie ?,” La gazette des ancêtres blog, posted 18 April 2012 ( : accessed 6 May 2012). Finally those seven years of French instruction (and a healthy dose of Google Translate) come in handy. Ms. Boudarel does a very good job discussing the use of sources. And she points me to another French blog …

Roland, “Les sources en généalogie,” blog, posted 17 April 2012 ( : accessed 6 May 2012). I love that these French genealogy blogs have been talking about the nature of sources, etc.—topics close to my own heart as any reader of this blog knows.

J. H. Fonkert, CG, “Why do Editors ask You to Write?,” Four Generations Genealogy blog, posted 6 May 2012 ( : accessed 6 May 2012). Jay responds to Harold Henderson’s post “Why We Don’t Write” (see last week’s Notable Genealogy Blog Posts), from the point of view of the managing editor of the Minnesota Genealogist, a publication of the Minnesota Genealogical Society. Very good input for those who love to write.

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