Notable Genealogy Blog Posts, 6 May 2012

The following recent blog posts are those that I consider important or notable. Unlike other similar blog lists, I cannot guarantee that they will all be from the past week. (Some weeks I simply do not have time to read any blogs.) But I will try to write this on a fairly regular basis.

Harold Henderson, “Why We Don’t Write,” Midwestern Microhistory blog, posted 6 May 2012 ( : accessed 6 May 2012). This is the best blog post I have read in some time. I have written quite often about the need to form written conclusions in our research, but here Harold describes why so few genealogists appear to do so–or at least why they don’t submit this research to the local society newsletters and journals that are starving for content.

Jill K. Morelli, “Do you ever go back and re-read reference books?,” Genealogy Certification: My Personal Journal blog, posted 15 April 2012 ( : accessed 15 April 2012). Jill discusses her recent re-reading of Professional Genealogy, edited by Elizabeth Shown Mills. Now further along in her genealogical career than the first time she read it, Jill notes how her perception of various parts of the book has changed.

Chris Staats, “Fixing Your Genealogy Jalopy: A Metaphor,” Staats Genealogical Services blog, posted 29 April 2012 ( : accessed 30 April 2012). Chris uses the metaphor of car repair to illustrate genealogy education vs. experience.

Thomas W. Jones, “Dr. Thomas W. Jones on Research, Teaching, and SLIG,” Utah Genealogical Association blog, posted 1 May 2012 ( : accessed 3 May 2012). Dr. Jones discusses some of his “favorie” ancestors, and how he uses them in his teaching.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze, “Assumptions vs Working Theories – The Good and the Bad,” Olive Tree Genealogy blog, posted 28 April 2012 ( : accessed 3 May 2012). Ms. Schulze uses one of the most common assumptions in genealogy to express why we cannot assume anything, instead looking for evidence to form conclusions.

Ed Payne, “Unionist Naming of Mississippi Children–Revisited,” in Victoria Bynum’s Renegade South blog, posted 21 March 2012 ( : accessed 15 April 2012). This is a very interesting study of the naming of children in Mississippi during the Civil War and Reconstruction periods–and what these patterns might say about Union sympathies in the Deep South. Very interesting for anyone researching in the South during this era, and anyone interested in the Civil War.

Jeff Hurt, “Small Groups Of Friends Are The Key To Influence Not Swaying Influential People,” Velvet Chainsaw’s Midcourse Corrections blog, posted 20 March 2012 ( : accessed 15 April 2012). This article’s intended audience are marketers and those involved in education, discussing one aspect of social networks (the real-life ones, not the online ones like Facebook).

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