Notable Genealogy Blog Posts, 25 March 2012

The following recent blog posts are those that I consider important or notable. Unlike other similar blog lists, I cannot guarantee that they will all be from the past week. (Some weeks I simply do not have time to read any blogs.) But I will try to write this on a fairly regular basis.

Short list this week, as I am still catching up on my reading…

Andrew Simpson, “The little bits, spelling and alphabetization,” A Linguist’s Guide to Genealogy blog, posted 1 March 2012 ( : accessed 24 March 2012). I love when people bring their studies in other fields into their genealogy research. Though I am not a linguist in any sense, it is a subject that intrigues me, and this blog will surely provide a lot of fare for me. This particular post discusses some of the prepositions from other languages that become americanized as parts of surnames. (The best example may be U. S. President Martin Van Buren.)

Two other posts are not genealogy-related, but I thought people might be interested:

Carol Fisher Saller, “Citing a Tweet (It’s Not Just for Twits),” The Subversive Copy Editor blog, posted 23 March 2012 ( : accessed 24 March 2012). We might as well learn how to do this now. 🙂

Mike Parkinson, “How to Communicate with Aliens,” BDG Blog, posted 21 March 2012 ( : accessed 24 March 2012). This post describes the plaque on the Pioneer 10 satellite that was sent to Jupiter in the 1970s. It is a fascinating exploration of visual language.

2 thoughts on “Notable Genealogy Blog Posts, 25 March 2012

  1. Michael, Thank you for introducing me to Andrew Simpson’s blog! It has come at an important interval in the research I and others are doing on the Van Schaicks and Walkers in Washington County, NY.

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