Follow Friday: More on the Genealogy Paradigm Shift

It is Follow Friday! This is a blogging meme in which authors recommend other blogs, websites, repositories, or anything else. In keeping with the theme of this blog, I will spotlight different resources for professional and aspiring professional genealogists each week: not only genealogy-related, but also others of interest.

Two weeks ago, I posted “The Genealogy Paradigm Shift: Are bloggers the new ‘experts’?” A valuable discussion has occurred both in the comments on that post–which I would recommend that everyone read–and in posts on other blogs. To say the least, not everyone agreed with my observations, and in fact some people read more into the post than I intended, even somehow coming away with an impression that I disapproved of or somehow blamed the online community that I have spent literally hundreds of unpaid hours working to support and help develop.

This Follow Friday, I would like to point folks to some of these other posts. Almost all of them do provide a constructive discussion of the subjects that I broached:

And last but not least, a post that I feel deserves special mention:

In this post, she promises a few blog posts specifically addressing different topics I had discussed. The first of these posts is “What have you done for me lately?” and discusses genealogical societies. She captures a major concern from the point of view of societies. I recommend that all members of the online community read this post and those that will surely follow.

Happy New Year!

Societies, Communities, and Gatekeepers, oh my!

6 thoughts on “Follow Friday: More on the Genealogy Paradigm Shift

  1. Michael

    I want to personally thank you for all your contributions to the online genealogy community during 2011 – you should be recognized for adding to the conversation and helping to move ideas forward. Although we don’t need to always agree, I feel we do need to keep the channels open and the dialog going.

    Here’s to 2012 and I know I can look forward to more great content on your blog!

  2. Thank you, Michael. I’ll add my voice to both comments before mine; thank you both for all of your contributions to genealogy in 2011.

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