November is National Blog Posting Month

November is upon us once again! Do you know what that means? Its “National Blog Posting Month.”

I first learned of National Blog Posting Month (“NaBloPoMo”) in 2009. At that time, I was only writing my “National African American Genealogy” column on Examiner. I asked other genealogy bloggers to join me in the celebration. That month, though I was unsuccessful at posting every day, I managed to post quite a few articles:

How did I do that first year? There are 30 days in November, and I posted 19 articles. Not bad, but not perfect.

Between November 2009 and November 2010, I started writing a second column for Examiner: the “Baltimore Genealogy & History” column. When NaBloPoMo came around, I decided to try to write an article every day for both columns! Once again, I did not achieve my lofty goal, but I did make (in my opinion) a noble effort:

Two columns, 30 days. Should be 60 articles, right? Well, I managed to write 31. Only about half of them.

So this year I still have both Examiner columns, and now I have this blog as well. Thirty days, three blogs–that’s 90 articles! It’s going to be difficult, but I will try. We’ll see how well I do at the end of the month.

Anyone else want to give it a shot?

8 thoughts on “November is National Blog Posting Month

  1. It is an interesting concept, but it doesn’t fit my style of blog. My most recent blog post has had responses, with responses from me, with more responses, with my responses yet to come. Still that counts only as one blog. The blog plus the responses amount to a learning experience for me. The final result will be another blog on the same subject, checking to see how well my adaptations work. If I’m lucky the same response cycle will work. 2 blogs in 14 days, with various responses equals continuing education of the blogger.
    Just for general information, the topic is the Search Log (or Research Calendar) and how to ensure that others who come after you will be able to follow your trail.
    This type of blog is also a good type of blog, but it doesn’t lend itself to a daily output.

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