Follow Friday: Litemind

It is Follow Friday! This is a blogging meme in which authors recommend other blogs, websites, repositories, or anything else. In keeping with the theme of this blog, I will spotlight different resources for professional and aspiring professional genealogists each week: not only genealogy-related, but also others of interest.

This week I would like to highlight Litemind, written by Luciano Passuello.

The subtitle of this site is “Exploring ways to use our minds efficiently.” This line is what drew me in a few years ago. I am extremely interested in how the mind works, how people learn, and how to increase creativity and productivity. Litemind discusses all of these issues and others.

Luciano and I share some of the same interests in this area. Like myself, he also employs mindmaps as a way of incorporating visual (“right brain”) thinking with organizational (“left brain”) thinking.

Here are links to a few of my favorite articles:

While these are some of my favorites–and most of them introduced me to new concepts such as “lists of 100” and “E-Prime”–I can only conclude by stating that these are only a few of the many great articles on the site. I enjoy reading every single new article that Luciano writes. Many of them have directly assisted me in accomplishing my personal and professional goals.

I can offer no higher recommendation.


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  1. Posted by Teresa Fraser on August 26, 2011 at 11:40 am


    Thanks for recommending Litemind. Great post on creative thinking tools and techniques. I forgot how much I enjoyed using mind maps in the past. I used to use them to prepare my business studies lectures at San Diego City College. Keep up the great writing. You are an inspiration.

    Regards, Teresa Fraser


  2. Another great suggestion! Thanks!


  3. Michael, have you ever solved a genealogical problem using the List of 100 technique?


    • I have not specifically used the List of 100 brainstorming technique to solve a genealogical problem (like a brickwall). I have used mindmapping to do so. I use the List of 100 to think of 100 presentation ideas, 100 articles to write, etc.


  4. […] since I started reading it 2-3 weeks ago, that I simply had to recommend the site. Unlike Litemind (reviewed last week), Brain Pickings does not offer practical advice on how to increase your mental prowess or your […]


  5. […] Brainstorm post ideas. In an earlier post I mentioned one of my favorite blogs, Litemind. One of the posts on this site describes the “List of 100″ brainstorming method. I have […]


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