Follow Friday: Litemind

It is Follow Friday! This is a blogging meme in which authors recommend other blogs, websites, repositories, or anything else. In keeping with the theme of this blog, I will spotlight different resources for professional and aspiring professional genealogists each week: not only genealogy-related, but also others of interest.

This week I would like to highlight Litemind, written by Luciano Passuello.

The subtitle of this site is “Exploring ways to use our minds efficiently.” This line is what drew me in a few years ago. I am extremely interested in how the mind works, how people learn, and how to increase creativity and productivity. Litemind discusses all of these issues and others.

Luciano and I share some of the same interests in this area. Like myself, he also employs mindmaps as a way of incorporating visual (“right brain”) thinking with organizational (“left brain”) thinking.

Here are links to a few of my favorite articles:

While these are some of my favorites–and most of them introduced me to new concepts such as “lists of 100” and “E-Prime”–I can only conclude by stating that these are only a few of the many great articles on the site. I enjoy reading every single new article that Luciano writes. Many of them have directly assisted me in accomplishing my personal and professional goals.

I can offer no higher recommendation.

6 thoughts on “Follow Friday: Litemind

  1. Michael,

    Thanks for recommending Litemind. Great post on creative thinking tools and techniques. I forgot how much I enjoyed using mind maps in the past. I used to use them to prepare my business studies lectures at San Diego City College. Keep up the great writing. You are an inspiration.

    Regards, Teresa Fraser

    • I have not specifically used the List of 100 brainstorming technique to solve a genealogical problem (like a brickwall). I have used mindmapping to do so. I use the List of 100 to think of 100 presentation ideas, 100 articles to write, etc.

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