More tweets from #ngs2011

Earlier today, I posted about what I have been doing while everyone else was in Charleston, S. C., for the 2011 National Genealogical Society Conference. I included several of my favorite “tweets” from those in attendance.

Of course, this did not include the others that have come in today. So here are more of my favorite tweets from the National Genealogical Society Conference. Please note, this is not all of them. Just my favorites from today.

  • Mark Lowe – for a brief guide to researching your Methodist ancestors.  #ngs2011 (via @genealogypa)
  • BVL [Barbara Vines Little -ed.]:  the sum of the evidence must bring you to your conclusions #ngs2011 (via @genealogypa)
  • Organizing pieces of evidence and writing a proof statement helps us spot our missing pieces.  – BV Little #ngs2011 (via @genealogypa)
  • (Live #NGS2011) American Religious Data Archive – Great history and statistics (via @JLowe615)
  • (Live #NGS2011) Documenting the American South – Religion (via @JLowe615)

Once again, to read all of the tweets from the NGS conference that were properly tagged, run a search for “#NGS2011” (without the quotes) on the Twitter homepage.

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