Website review:

Occasionally I will use the site StumbleUpon to become aware of new websites. I will review these sites periodically on this blog.

Today’s site is defines its mission:

I have endeavoured to add sites that either have online genealogy records through which you can search for your ancestors or sites that provide helpful information to aid in your research.

The site claims to contain

4,500 pages of more than 50,000 Free Genealogy Links; for US, UK, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Europe, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

The site is organized under various geographic categories. Under “US Genealogy Links,” there are further categories for “African American,” “Cemeteries,” “Censuses,” “Military,” “Ship Lists,” “Marriages,” and “Societies.” There are also additional categories under this main category, for each state. The links for the general US category follow the state links.

The general US links include links to commonly known sites such as the USGenWeb Archives,,  Cyndi’s List – USA, and the National Archives and Records Administration. Also included are some lesser known genealogy sites such as American Local History Network, the United States Digital Map Library (a USGenWeb Archives Project), and Southern New England Irish. However, several links appear more than once in this list, including the USGenWeb Archives. The list also includes numerous links to other pages on the GenealogyLinks site, and I counted at least one dead link (to NARA’s old AAD record site) and several affiliate links (to GenealogyBank and Ancestry).

The state link pages do not far much better. Included on the site for Maryland, explored as a sample, are specific categories for each county. The general statewide links are as troublesome as those for the general US category. In addition to the numerous links to other pages on the site, there are quite a few duplicate links, such as several to various USGenWeb pages. The links for Maryland under the American History and Genealogy Project and under the American Local History Project actually point to the same destination, as the statewide Maryland site is affiliated with both projects.

On the other hand, the site does include a few useful links to Maryland genealogy sites, including the Archives of Maryland Online and the Society of the Ark and the Dove. Other lesser-known Maryland genealogy sites also appear in the list of links: Handley’s Eastern Shore Maryland Genealogy Project, the Jewish Museum of Maryland, and Mid-Maryland Roots. The site also contains links to multiple record transcriptions on various USGenWeb pages, as well as New River Roots, and Genealogy Trails.

 My overall assessment is that this site is largely unnecessary. This site does not appear to offer anywhere near the number of resources contained within the much earlier Cyndi’s List website.’s mission statement claims to focus on sites that feature records that can be searched. However, these are, at least in the case of Maryland, to the most common sites, such as those provided by the Maryland State Archives, or to similar page “systems” of record transcriptions, like USGenWeb.

However, I have only reviewed the site links for Maryland research, specifically due to my own personal experience with researching in that state. I would be extremely interested in hearing the assessment of those with experience in other states, as to how thorough the other lists of links are, by country, state, county, or category. Please feel free to reply with your assessment either here in the comments, or in your own blog post, and provide a link here.


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