Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Paternal Grandmother’s Patrilinear Line

The theme of this blog comes from Randy Seaver’s blog Genea-Musings.  He challenges us to list our paternal grandmother’s (father’s mother) patrilineal line, that is her father’s father’s father’s etc., in the hopes of identifying Y-DNA candidates for this line.  Since I had already decided to try to include more personal genealogy in my blog, I will start with this one.

My grandmother was Marjorie Katherine Posson (1926-2002), daughter of Clarence Posson.  She was very special to me, and I will always regret that I was out of town when she passed.  I was supposed to visit with her the night before I left, but got tied up with other things, and told her I would come see her as soon as I got back.  It was the last time I spoke with her.  My grandma was the one who first got me into genealogy back when I was about 8 or 9 years old, and (as you may know) it has since become a passion.

I have used the Ahnentafel numbers for this line.

5.  Marjorie Katherine Posson (1926-2002)

10.  Clarence Posson (1898-1973)

20.  Fred Posson (1871-1954)

40.  William Henry Harrison Posson (1840-1906)  Civil War veteran – went to Rockford, Illinois with cousin Henry Posson – enlisted in Co. G, 45th Illinois Volunteers – moved to West Berne

80.  William Posson (1800-?)

160.  Peter Posson  (1771-?)

320.  Peter Posson  (1739-?)

640.  Conrad Posson

As for a Y-DNA line, my grandmother does have a brother, and he is still living, so I will not put his name here, but maybe I can talk him into a Y-DNA test?  Who knows?



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