Prince George’s Co., Maryland, 1864 Civil War Draftees (Part 3)

SOURCE:  Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, Md., 21 Oct 1864, pg. 1

Information extracted by Michael Hait

Ellicott’s Mills, Oct. 19, 1864:  6th, 7th, & 8th election districts of Prince George’s County

Sixth District

  • Addison Hall, slave of James Addison
  • Lloyd Nelson, slave of Ann Lowe
  • Thomas Pearce, farmer
  • Abner T. Hood, stone-cutter, Long Old Fields
  • Geo. T. Cater, farmer, near Haverson’s Shop
  • Jonathan Allen, farmer, near Grimesville
  • Robert Lyles, slave Gustavus Finnattis
  • Lawrence Simius, slave Wm. [Guston?]
  • John R. Timmerson, farmer, Long Old Fields
  • Henry O. Boon, carpenter, do.
  • Richard Williams, farmer
  • Julius H. Pyles, farmer, near Haverson’s Shop
  • Richard Haley, colored, carpenter
  • Henry G. Mitchell, wheelwright, Long Old Fields
  • Frederick [Aller?], tavern-keeper
  • William Gray, farmer, Long Old Fields
  • William Henson, slave of Ann Lowe
  • Richard Thomas, colored, carpenter
  • Henry Norton, slave of Thos. Brown
  • Levi Roberson, colored, farmer

Seventh District

  • Francis Taylor, slave of W. W. W. Bowie
  • James Parker, colored, laborer, Queen Ann
  • Edward Brooks, slave of Violita [Sperg?]
  • Edward Hardesty of R., clerk, Queen Ann
  • Wm. Queen, slave of Sarah H. Belmear
  • Edward Hardesty, wheel wright, Queen Ann
  • Richard L. Ogle, farmer
  • Columbus Hall, laborer, Queen Ann
  • Isaac Herbert, slave of B. O. Mulligan
  • Wm. Brown, slave of Margaret Woodward
  • Jas. Harwood, physician, Collington
  • Samuel Crawford, slave of the estate of Benj Lee
  • Joseph Done, laborer, Queen Ann
  • Nace Queen, slave of A. J. [Jocee?]
  • Robert Jackson, slave of James Warren
  • Charles Fletcher, slave of John B. Mulligan
  • Frank Softy, slave of the estate of John Contee
  • Thomas A. Duckett, farmer
  • Lewis Wood, laborer, Collington
  • Wm. Wood, slave of Wm. D. Bowie
  • Edward Watkins, farmer
  • Thomas Hughes, laborer, Collington
  • Wm. Clark of Wm., farmer, Queen Ann
  • Samuel Gibson, slave of James Warren
  • John Wood, slave of Wm. Y. Clark
  • Thos. Campbell, slave of Chas. Hill
  • Andw. Stewart, slave of Walter H. Mullinix
  • Franklin Beall, laborer, Collington
  • Jesse Wood, carpenter
  • Geo. Simmons, slave of M. S. Plummer
  • Z. Carrick, laborer
  • Aloysius Hopkins, laborer
  • David [Dilson?], slave of Wash. J. Beall
  • Albert Hardesty, laborer, Queen Ann
  • George Gaither, colored, laborer, do.
  • Joshua G. Clark, farmer, do.
  • Daniel Williams, colored, laborer, do.
  • Wm. Crawford, slave of estate of Benjamin Lee
  • Samuel Gray, slave of Charles Hill
  • Frank Woodson, slave of Wm. B. Hill
  • Francis Herbert, slave of D. O. Mulligan
  • W. W. Elliott, farmer, Collington
  • Edward Fletcher, col’d, laborer, Queen Ann
  • Edward Brown, slave of Edward Duckett
  • James H. Wells, farmer
  • Jerry Wood, slave of Wm. B. Hill
  • Benjamin King of R., tanner, Queen Ann
  • Joshua Johnson, slave of Walter H. Mullikin

Eighth District

  • John Acton, manager, Woodville
  • F. A. Ward, planter, Horsehead
  • Chas. W. Smith, planter, Woodville
  • Stanley Adams, slave of Catharine Gardner, near Horsehead
  • Adam Glasgow, slave of Thomas Summerville, near Woodville
  • Benjamin Garner, planter
  • Patrick Bowling, slave of James H. Bowling, near Horsehead
  • B. J. Watson, laborer, Horsehead
  • Thos. Gray, colored, carpenter, Woodville
  • David Briscoe, slave of John F. Townsend
  • Thos. G. Summerville, planter, Woodville
  • Phil. Medley, slave of Geo. Martin, do.
  • Addison Brooks, slave of Miss N. N. Wood, Woodville
  • George W. Thomas, planter, Woodville
  • Peter Wood, Jr., do., do.
  • David Compton, slave of Catherine Gardner, near Horsehead
  • Henry Butler, colored, planter, Horsehead
  • Thomas C. Webster, laborer, Brandywine
  • G. W. Morton, planter, Woodville
  • Charles Proctor, do., Brandywine
  • Mitchell Green, slave of Peter Wood, Jr., Woodville
  • John Butler, colored, laborer, do.
  • Wm. Worthington, planter, do.
  • Henry Tolson, do., do.
  • Richard Douglass, slave of Geo. W. Morton
  • J. N. W. Wilson, teacher, Horsehead
  • Lloyd Brooks, slave of Eliza Wood, Woodville
  • Alleton Gray, colored, farmer, do.

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