Prince George’s Co., Maryland, 1864 Civil War Draftees (Part 1)

Extracted from Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, Md., 31 May 1864, pg. 1

Drafted on 30 May 1864, Ellicott’s Mills, Maryland

Fourth District

  • Lewis Pyles, slave of Jno. Y. Berry
  • Geo. Johnson, slave of Dr. J. H. S. Skinner
  • Benjamin T. Wilson, near Croom
  • William Davis, colored, near Nottingham
  • Jacob Curtin, near T. B.
  • Daniel Hanson, slave of James S. Bowie
  • Samuel Revis, slave of T. G. Fenton
  • Frank Robinson, near T. B.
  • Mortimer Tayman, near Croom
  • David Crack, slave of Mrs. A. Brooks
  • William L. Woodburn, near Nottingham
  • Richard Thomas, slave of Fielder Bowie
  • Noble Herd, slave of Henry S. Mitchell
  • John H. Gant, slave of Fielder Bowie
  • Nathan Duckett, slave of Joseph H. Turner
  • Ebenezer Russell, slave of James Nailor of Jas.
  • James Pickney, slave of Dr. Clagett
  • John P. Hall, near Horsehead
  • Wm. Carroll, slave of Mr. J. H. S. Skinner
  • John Mackall, slave of James Nailor of James
  • S. R. Gordon, near Croom
  • Wash. Gray, slave of estate of E. L. Perry
  • Jas. Thomas of Jas., near Brandywine
  • Ignatius Fletcher, slave of Wm. Duvall
  • Frank Griffith, slave of Fielder Bowie
  • Henry Hager, slave of Henry S. Mitchell
  • Edward Ford, slave of James J. Bowie
  • Mortimer Grant, slave of Fielder Bowie
  • John Addison, colored, near Brandywine
  • Thos. Silby, near Nottingham
  • Anthony Addison, slave of estate of Wm. M. Bowie
  • Wm. Kyler, colored, near Nottingham
  • Richard Curtis, slave of E. G. Perry
  • Thos. Diggs, slave of Wm. H. Burch
  • John Hall, slave of estate of Jas. Baden
  • Upton Bruce, slave of Mrs. S. Bruce
  • John Hamilton, slave of Clement D. Hill
  • John W. Hays
  • James Thomas, near Croom
  • Edw. Lynch, do.
  • Jesse Allen, slave of Jno. A. Pumphrey
  • Richard Windsor, near Brandywine
  • Alex. Grose, slave of R. D. Burroughs
  • Leonard Taylor, near Croom
  • Wm. E. Peach, near Nottingham
  • Wm. E. Duvall, do.
  • Joe Cosey, slave of Clement D. Hill
  • Enoch G. Perry, near Nottingham

Fifth District

  • George Diggs, slave of Wm. Lyle
  • J. J. Lumis, T. B.
  • James Tayman, near Surratt’s
  • Emory Monroe, Ackuk Church
  • Jas. Cogy, slave of Mrs. M. E. Edelin
  • Edward Bowie, slave of John H. Hardesty
  • Madison G. Gibbons, slave of Matthew N. Hoff
  • Jas. Martin, near T. B.
  • Thomas F. Cassidy, Broad Creek
  • John Beasley
  • Lewis Conner, slave of Enock Shorne
  • Richard Bell, Piscataway
  • Charles Dickson, slave of John B. Edelin
  • Henry Butler, colored, Fort Washington
  • R. L. Hatton
  • Henry A. Young, near Farmington
  • Rezin Beander, slave of Nancy Goles
  • Saml. Stewart, slave of Mrs. M. E. Edelin
  • George Chase, slave of Sarah Marshall
  • John Thorn, Franklin
  • Wm. Harren, Piscataway
  • August Campbell, slave of R. W. Hunter
  • Wm. Davis, slave of B. [or R.] D. Hatten
  • John Briscoe, slave of Benedict
  • D. T. Carroll, Piscataway
  • Wm. T. Robinsen
  • John Hunter, near Broad Creek
  • Wm. Crook
  • Wm. J. Tabbritt, Fort Washington
  • Alfred Locker, slave of the estate of R. S. Jenkins
  • Charles Boswell, Farmington
  • Walter W. Thorn, Ridge
  • Nich. Queen, slave of W. H. Gwynn
  • Claggett Thorn, Franklin
  • J. Chipebase, Ackuk Church
  • J. Goddard, Broad Creek
  • James Warring, slave of the estate of J. H. Lowe
  • Warren M. Ives, T. B.
  • John Ballman, Broad Creek
  • Samuel Edelin, slave of P. R. Edelin
  • Henry Pickney, slave of Saml. Cole
  • Wm. Jefferson
  • Wm. A. Gibbons, T. B.
  • Saml. Hawkins, slave of E. H. Wyville
  • Benj. Kidwell, T. B.
  • Alfred Marshall, slave of Henry Bowling
  • Geo. E. Gwynn
  • Noah Wesley, colored, Piscataway
  • J. Y. Bryan, Ridge
  • Franklin Tiffett
  • Henry Harrison, colored, Piscataway
  • Oliver Hawton, Bryan Landing
  • Edward Fry, Ridge
  • Joshua Butler, Bryan Landing
  • Ben. Marlow, slave of Nathaniel

Sixth District

  • Clayborn,slave of Judem Wallace
  • Edwd. Kemp, near Green
  • Richard Brown, Crawford Mill
  • Jos. T. Payne
  • John H. Lowe, Long Old Fields
  • Gilbert Grace, slave of Thomas R. Berry
  • Richard Lynch, slave of Bradley Stansbury
  • Charles Brown, slave of Joseph Bird
  • Stephen Hall, slave of Wm. Bayne
  • E. H. Nigh, Long Old Fields
  • Robert Locker, colored, near Long Old Fields
  • Wm. Thomas, slave of Thomas Ryan
  • Grafton Copper, slave of Thomas R. Berry
  • Jeff. Burgess, near Long Old Fields
  • William Brent, Long Old Fields
  • Thomas Savoy, slave of Calvert Brown
  • John Carroll, slave of John S. Talbott
  • Milburn Baily, slave of Thomas W. Soper
  • Simon Gray, slave of Richard Q. Bowling
  • Alexander H. Grime
  • Francis Talbott
  • Rich’d Wikler
  • George Grace, slave of Thomas R. Berry
  • Wm. Hutchinson, near Long Old Fields
  • Solomon Blackwell, slave of Thomas Brooks
  • Norris Smith
  • Lewis Roagey, slave of Wm. Bayne
  • John Washington, slave of Allen Dodge

[next, Draftees of 24 September 1864]


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  1. Posted by Paula on May 30, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    Regarding the Heading on this page noting Drafted May 30, 1864 Ellicott’s Mills MD. What is the significance of Ellicott’s Mills in this context?
    Thank you.


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