Prince George’s Co., Maryland, 1864 Civil War Draftees (Part 1)

Extracted from Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, Md., 31 May 1864, pg. 1

Drafted on 30 May 1864, Ellicott’s Mills, Maryland

Fourth District

  • Lewis Pyles, slave of Jno. Y. Berry
  • Geo. Johnson, slave of Dr. J. H. S. Skinner
  • Benjamin T. Wilson, near Croom
  • William Davis, colored, near Nottingham
  • Jacob Curtin, near T. B.
  • Daniel Hanson, slave of James S. Bowie
  • Samuel Revis, slave of T. G. Fenton
  • Frank Robinson, near T. B.
  • Mortimer Tayman, near Croom
  • David Crack, slave of Mrs. A. Brooks
  • William L. Woodburn, near Nottingham
  • Richard Thomas, slave of Fielder Bowie
  • Noble Herd, slave of Henry S. Mitchell
  • John H. Gant, slave of Fielder Bowie
  • Nathan Duckett, slave of Joseph H. Turner
  • Ebenezer Russell, slave of James Nailor of Jas.
  • James Pickney, slave of Dr. Clagett
  • John P. Hall, near Horsehead
  • Wm. Carroll, slave of Mr. J. H. S. Skinner
  • John Mackall, slave of James Nailor of James
  • S. R. Gordon, near Croom
  • Wash. Gray, slave of estate of E. L. Perry
  • Jas. Thomas of Jas., near Brandywine
  • Ignatius Fletcher, slave of Wm. Duvall
  • Frank Griffith, slave of Fielder Bowie
  • Henry Hager, slave of Henry S. Mitchell
  • Edward Ford, slave of James J. Bowie
  • Mortimer Grant, slave of Fielder Bowie
  • John Addison, colored, near Brandywine
  • Thos. Silby, near Nottingham
  • Anthony Addison, slave of estate of Wm. M. Bowie
  • Wm. Kyler, colored, near Nottingham
  • Richard Curtis, slave of E. G. Perry
  • Thos. Diggs, slave of Wm. H. Burch
  • John Hall, slave of estate of Jas. Baden
  • Upton Bruce, slave of Mrs. S. Bruce
  • John Hamilton, slave of Clement D. Hill
  • John W. Hays
  • James Thomas, near Croom
  • Edw. Lynch, do.
  • Jesse Allen, slave of Jno. A. Pumphrey
  • Richard Windsor, near Brandywine
  • Alex. Grose, slave of R. D. Burroughs
  • Leonard Taylor, near Croom
  • Wm. E. Peach, near Nottingham
  • Wm. E. Duvall, do.
  • Joe Cosey, slave of Clement D. Hill
  • Enoch G. Perry, near Nottingham

Fifth District

  • George Diggs, slave of Wm. Lyle
  • J. J. Lumis, T. B.
  • James Tayman, near Surratt’s
  • Emory Monroe, Ackuk Church
  • Jas. Cogy, slave of Mrs. M. E. Edelin
  • Edward Bowie, slave of John H. Hardesty
  • Madison G. Gibbons, slave of Matthew N. Hoff
  • Jas. Martin, near T. B.
  • Thomas F. Cassidy, Broad Creek
  • John Beasley
  • Lewis Conner, slave of Enock Shorne
  • Richard Bell, Piscataway
  • Charles Dickson, slave of John B. Edelin
  • Henry Butler, colored, Fort Washington
  • R. L. Hatton
  • Henry A. Young, near Farmington
  • Rezin Beander, slave of Nancy Goles
  • Saml. Stewart, slave of Mrs. M. E. Edelin
  • George Chase, slave of Sarah Marshall
  • John Thorn, Franklin
  • Wm. Harren, Piscataway
  • August Campbell, slave of R. W. Hunter
  • Wm. Davis, slave of B. [or R.] D. Hatten
  • John Briscoe, slave of Benedict
  • D. T. Carroll, Piscataway
  • Wm. T. Robinsen
  • John Hunter, near Broad Creek
  • Wm. Crook
  • Wm. J. Tabbritt, Fort Washington
  • Alfred Locker, slave of the estate of R. S. Jenkins
  • Charles Boswell, Farmington
  • Walter W. Thorn, Ridge
  • Nich. Queen, slave of W. H. Gwynn
  • Claggett Thorn, Franklin
  • J. Chipebase, Ackuk Church
  • J. Goddard, Broad Creek
  • James Warring, slave of the estate of J. H. Lowe
  • Warren M. Ives, T. B.
  • John Ballman, Broad Creek
  • Samuel Edelin, slave of P. R. Edelin
  • Henry Pickney, slave of Saml. Cole
  • Wm. Jefferson
  • Wm. A. Gibbons, T. B.
  • Saml. Hawkins, slave of E. H. Wyville
  • Benj. Kidwell, T. B.
  • Alfred Marshall, slave of Henry Bowling
  • Geo. E. Gwynn
  • Noah Wesley, colored, Piscataway
  • J. Y. Bryan, Ridge
  • Franklin Tiffett
  • Henry Harrison, colored, Piscataway
  • Oliver Hawton, Bryan Landing
  • Edward Fry, Ridge
  • Joshua Butler, Bryan Landing
  • Ben. Marlow, slave of Nathaniel

Sixth District

  • Clayborn,slave of Judem Wallace
  • Edwd. Kemp, near Green
  • Richard Brown, Crawford Mill
  • Jos. T. Payne
  • John H. Lowe, Long Old Fields
  • Gilbert Grace, slave of Thomas R. Berry
  • Richard Lynch, slave of Bradley Stansbury
  • Charles Brown, slave of Joseph Bird
  • Stephen Hall, slave of Wm. Bayne
  • E. H. Nigh, Long Old Fields
  • Robert Locker, colored, near Long Old Fields
  • Wm. Thomas, slave of Thomas Ryan
  • Grafton Copper, slave of Thomas R. Berry
  • Jeff. Burgess, near Long Old Fields
  • William Brent, Long Old Fields
  • Thomas Savoy, slave of Calvert Brown
  • John Carroll, slave of John S. Talbott
  • Milburn Baily, slave of Thomas W. Soper
  • Simon Gray, slave of Richard Q. Bowling
  • Alexander H. Grime
  • Francis Talbott
  • Rich’d Wikler
  • George Grace, slave of Thomas R. Berry
  • Wm. Hutchinson, near Long Old Fields
  • Solomon Blackwell, slave of Thomas Brooks
  • Norris Smith
  • Lewis Roagey, slave of Wm. Bayne
  • John Washington, slave of Allen Dodge

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One thought on “Prince George’s Co., Maryland, 1864 Civil War Draftees (Part 1)

  1. Regarding the Heading on this page noting Drafted May 30, 1864 Ellicott’s Mills MD. What is the significance of Ellicott’s Mills in this context?
    Thank you.

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