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Great Resource: University of Virginia Library Historical Census Browser

This database has been up for a few years, but I think that it deserves another mention.

The University of Virginia Library has compiled the population and other statistics for all of the federal censuses from 1790-1960.  You can select which statistics to view and compare, and view all 50 states or by county within states.  These databases are statistical only, and contain no information on specific households.

But this statistical information is nearly as important as the actual census returns themselves, for it provides context.  As much time as we spend investigating our ancestors, we must also remember that they did not live in a Family Group Record world.  They were members of a community, and the demographic information contained in this database will tell you about that community.

Some of the information is particularly useful for genealogists, if you compare your family to the statistics for the county in which they lived.  Information on the population by size of household, gender, age, and race, information on the ownership and size of farms, occupations, religion, etc., are all available for searching.

Prince George’s Co., Maryland, 1864 Civil War Draftees (Part 3)

SOURCE:  Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, Md., 21 Oct 1864, pg. 1

Information extracted by Michael Hait

Ellicott’s Mills, Oct. 19, 1864:  6th, 7th, & 8th election districts of Prince George’s County

Sixth District

  • Addison Hall, slave of James Addison
  • Lloyd Nelson, slave of Ann Lowe
  • Thomas Pearce, farmer
  • Abner T. Hood, stone-cutter, Long Old Fields
  • Geo. T. Cater, farmer, near Haverson’s Shop
  • Jonathan Allen, farmer, near Grimesville
  • Robert Lyles, slave Gustavus Finnattis
  • Lawrence Simius, slave Wm. [Guston?]
  • John R. Timmerson, farmer, Long Old Fields
  • Henry O. Boon, carpenter, do.
  • Richard Williams, farmer
  • Julius H. Pyles, farmer, near Haverson’s Shop
  • Richard Haley, colored, carpenter
  • Henry G. Mitchell, wheelwright, Long Old Fields
  • Frederick [Aller?], tavern-keeper
  • William Gray, farmer, Long Old Fields
  • William Henson, slave of Ann Lowe
  • Richard Thomas, colored, carpenter
  • Henry Norton, slave of Thos. Brown
  • Levi Roberson, colored, farmer

Seventh District

  • Francis Taylor, slave of W. W. W. Bowie
  • James Parker, colored, laborer, Queen Ann
  • Edward Brooks, slave of Violita [Sperg?]
  • Edward Hardesty of R., clerk, Queen Ann
  • Wm. Queen, slave of Sarah H. Belmear
  • Edward Hardesty, wheel wright, Queen Ann
  • Richard L. Ogle, farmer
  • Columbus Hall, laborer, Queen Ann
  • Isaac Herbert, slave of B. O. Mulligan
  • Wm. Brown, slave of Margaret Woodward
  • Jas. Harwood, physician, Collington
  • Samuel Crawford, slave of the estate of Benj Lee
  • Joseph Done, laborer, Queen Ann
  • Nace Queen, slave of A. J. [Jocee?]
  • Robert Jackson, slave of James Warren
  • Charles Fletcher, slave of John B. Mulligan
  • Frank Softy, slave of the estate of John Contee
  • Thomas A. Duckett, farmer
  • Lewis Wood, laborer, Collington
  • Wm. Wood, slave of Wm. D. Bowie
  • Edward Watkins, farmer
  • Thomas Hughes, laborer, Collington
  • Wm. Clark of Wm., farmer, Queen Ann
  • Samuel Gibson, slave of James Warren
  • John Wood, slave of Wm. Y. Clark
  • Thos. Campbell, slave of Chas. Hill
  • Andw. Stewart, slave of Walter H. Mullinix
  • Franklin Beall, laborer, Collington
  • Jesse Wood, carpenter
  • Geo. Simmons, slave of M. S. Plummer
  • Z. Carrick, laborer
  • Aloysius Hopkins, laborer
  • David [Dilson?], slave of Wash. J. Beall
  • Albert Hardesty, laborer, Queen Ann
  • George Gaither, colored, laborer, do.
  • Joshua G. Clark, farmer, do.
  • Daniel Williams, colored, laborer, do.
  • Wm. Crawford, slave of estate of Benjamin Lee
  • Samuel Gray, slave of Charles Hill
  • Frank Woodson, slave of Wm. B. Hill
  • Francis Herbert, slave of D. O. Mulligan
  • W. W. Elliott, farmer, Collington
  • Edward Fletcher, col’d, laborer, Queen Ann
  • Edward Brown, slave of Edward Duckett
  • James H. Wells, farmer
  • Jerry Wood, slave of Wm. B. Hill
  • Benjamin King of R., tanner, Queen Ann
  • Joshua Johnson, slave of Walter H. Mullikin

Eighth District

  • John Acton, manager, Woodville
  • F. A. Ward, planter, Horsehead
  • Chas. W. Smith, planter, Woodville
  • Stanley Adams, slave of Catharine Gardner, near Horsehead
  • Adam Glasgow, slave of Thomas Summerville, near Woodville
  • Benjamin Garner, planter
  • Patrick Bowling, slave of James H. Bowling, near Horsehead
  • B. J. Watson, laborer, Horsehead
  • Thos. Gray, colored, carpenter, Woodville
  • David Briscoe, slave of John F. Townsend
  • Thos. G. Summerville, planter, Woodville
  • Phil. Medley, slave of Geo. Martin, do.
  • Addison Brooks, slave of Miss N. N. Wood, Woodville
  • George W. Thomas, planter, Woodville
  • Peter Wood, Jr., do., do.
  • David Compton, slave of Catherine Gardner, near Horsehead
  • Henry Butler, colored, planter, Horsehead
  • Thomas C. Webster, laborer, Brandywine
  • G. W. Morton, planter, Woodville
  • Charles Proctor, do., Brandywine
  • Mitchell Green, slave of Peter Wood, Jr., Woodville
  • John Butler, colored, laborer, do.
  • Wm. Worthington, planter, do.
  • Henry Tolson, do., do.
  • Richard Douglass, slave of Geo. W. Morton
  • J. N. W. Wilson, teacher, Horsehead
  • Lloyd Brooks, slave of Eliza Wood, Woodville
  • Alleton Gray, colored, farmer, do.

Prince George’s Co., Maryland, 1864 Civil War Draftees (Part 2)

Extracted from Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, Md., 26 Sep 1864, pg. 1

Drafted on 24 September 1864, Ellicott’s Mills, Maryland

First District

  • William H. Martin, shoemaker
  • Thomas Waters, colored, Laurel
  • Charles E. Rogers, laborer, Beltsville
  • George Johnson, slave of Henry Mitchell, Beltsville
  • Henry Myers, laborer, Beltsville
  • Wm. Baker, blacksmith, county
  • Jas. Shields, laborer, Beltsville
  • Jas. Kelly, machinist, Laurel
  • Lewis Ridgely, col’d
  • John Talbert, farmer
  • Franklin Franklin, colored, Beltsville
  • Thomas Brent, slave of Richard D. Hall, do.
  • Samuel Thompson, farmer, Laurel
  • Wm. Robinson, colored
  • Matthias Harman, farmer, Beltsville
  • Joseph Stevens, colored, do.
  • Thos. Brashears, machinist, Laurel
  • James Kiernan, laborer, Beltsville
  • James McCauley, machinist, do.
  • John F. Waters, laborer, Laurel
  • Wm. Done, laborer, White Oak Bottom
  • Samuel Green, col’d, Laurel
  • Wm. Briggs, colored, Beltsville
  • Jas. Woods, laborer, do.
  • Wm. Benson, laborer, Laurel
  • John Thomas, colored, Beltsville
  • Notly Johnson, slave of Mrs. Nancy
  • S. Rufus Belt, storekeeper, Beltsville
  • Joshua Scott, laborer, Laurel
  • Patrick Connery, laborer, Beltsville
  • Jackson Kelly, carpenter, Laurel
  • Samuel Owens, farmer, Beltsville
  • Samuel Jackson, colored
  • Dennis Johnson, slave of Benjamin Beckett, Collington
  • George W. Duvall of G., farmer, Beltsville
  • John Baker, colored, Beltsville
  • Robert Walker, farmer, do.
  • Benj. Robinson, laborer, do.
  • Wm. Ewin, machinist, county
  • Peter Dugan, laborer, Beltsville
  • Amos Beall, slave of Mrs. J. W. Brown
  • John Sharewood, farmer, Beltsville
  • James Kelly, laborer, do.
  • Thomas Lynch, laborer
  • Henry Lantz, laborer, Beltsville
  • Dr. Benjamin Dorsey, farmer, do.
  • Eugene Luber, laborer, Laurel
  • John Turner, blacksmith, Beltsville
  • James E. Darnall, clerk, Laurel
  • Truman Thomas, colored, do.
  • Wm. O. Harvey, farmer, Beltsville
  • Hiram Harden, laborer
  • Saml. D. Carr, farmer, Laurel
  • Thomas Reed, laborer
  • Joseph Blackston, colored, Beltsville
  • George F. Donaldson, weaver, Laurel
  • Wm. T. Byon, farmer, Beltsville
  • Wm. Flanagan, laborer, do.
  • Ambrose Lillybridge, miller
  • Charles T. Tison, farmer, near Laurel
  • James Smith, laborer, Beltsville
  • Wm. Harding, do., do.
  • Martin Tigle, farmer, Laurel
  • George Pinion, colored, Beltsville
  • Robert Riley, laborer, do.
  • George W. Page, do., do.
  • Wm. Williams, slave of Mrs. Lizzie D. Jackson, Washington, D. C.
  • John Gleed, colored
  • George W. Clark, farmer, Vansville
  • Rezin Gaitior, colored
  • Joseph Miles, laborer, Laurel
  • Jeremiah Hall, laborer
  • Wm. O. Belt, student
  • Edward Batty, colored, Laurel
  • Leonard J. Mills, minister, Beltsville
  • Henry Marshall, machinist, Laurel
  • John Moreland, laborer, Beltsville
  • Samuel Ward, do., Laurel
  • David Thomas, slave of Rev. P. Waters, Laurel
  • Francis E. Morrison, bar-keeper
  • John Adams, laborer, Beltsville
  • Wm. Wright, slave of Alex. Keech, Hyattsville
  • James Simms, clerk, Beltsville
  • Michael McLaughlin, laborer, Beltsville
  • James Chalk, moulder, county
  • Jos. Jones, laborer, Beltsville
  • John Prout, colored, do.
  • William Curvan, laborer, do.
  • Chas. Robinson, colored, Laurel
  • John Etchinson, laborer, do.
  • Jacob Jones, colored, Beltsville
  • Wm. R. Mitchell, farmer, Laurel
  • Patrick Dermetay, laborer, Beltsville
  • George D. Swall, slave of Isaac Scaggs, do.
  • Aloysius Hopkins, laborer, do.
  • Saml. T. Earnest, laborer, Laurel
  • John Beam, farmer, Beltsville
  • William Stolkett, slave of Richard Jacobs, Patuxent
  • George H. Hall, storekeeper, Laurel
  • Owen Dawson, laborer, Beltsville
  • Israel Bash, slave of Wm. W. Hall, Beltsville
  • William R. Baker, laborer, do.
  • William Smith, colored
  • William H. Young, machinist, Laurel
  • J. N. Young, clerk, do.
  • John Hawkins, slave of Mrs. Lizzie Ward
  • Moses Bradley, colored
  • Thomas Bowie, of R., engineer, Beltsville
  • Wm. Matthews, machinist, Laurel
  • Robert Shipley, laborer, do.
  • Edw Herbert, farmer, Beltsville
  • John Hammet, slave of Dr. Benj. Berry, do.
  • Joseph Hopkins, laborer, do.
  • John Vermillion, Sr., laborer, do.
  • Octavius Knight, clerk, Laurel
  • Samuel Johnson, colored
  • Joseph Patch, farmer, Beltsville
  • Fred. Lyber, laborer
  • John Thompson, do., Beltsville
  • Thos. Robinson, colored, Laurel
  • Wm. McDonald, laborer, Beltsville
  • Pat’k Burns, do., do.
  • Joseph Harrison, colored
  • John D. McPherson, lawyer, Beltsville
  • Rich. H. Carrick, farmer, do.
  • And. Bell, Hyattsville, slave of Israel Jackson
  • A. C. McDaniel, minister, Laurel
  • Jas. Cagle, farmer, Beltsville
  • John Miller, farmer
  • Thos. Rowland, colored, at William Minnix’s
  • John R. Taylor, laborer, Beltsville
  • Walton Johnson, farmer, do.
  • Jno. Davis, laborer, county
  • James Clark, carpenter, Good Luck
  • Thomas M. Taylor, laborer, Beltsville
  • Joshua Kirby, farmer, do.

Second District

  • Augustus Beckett, slave of Nicholas C. Shipley
  • — Lee, (white,) age 38, county, at Clemson’s
  • Jacob Adams, colored, farmer, Captain Newman’s
  • Barney Connelly, laborer, county
  • John Scott, laborer, do.
  • John Moore, colored
  • William —, colored
  • Adam Green, colored
  • Robert Topkins, slave of Mrs. Mary B. McCubbin
  • Benj. Lanham, farmer, county
  • John McCloud, engineer, county
  • Wm. Magruder, slave of Lewis Magruder
  • Thomas Johnson, slave of Thomas Berry
  • — Knox, colored, at J. W. Wright’s
  • Benj. Griffith, slave of Mrs. Nath’l Suit
  • Henry King, farmer, county
  • George Prescott, slave of Henry T. Scott
  • Francis Shields, slave of Nicholas C. Shipley
  • Peter Smallwood, slave of Maria P. Dan
  • Columbus Tuttle, shoemaker, Bladensburg
  • Samuel King, planter, county
  • James W. Wilson, miller, Bladensburg
  • Charles Williams, colored
  • James J. Lovejoy, laborer, county
  • Robert White, slave of George W. Berry
  • Wm. Hanson, slave of Mrs. Albert D. Berry
  • Vernon Dorsey, clerk, Bladensburg
  • John Joy, Jr., farmer, county
  • Jno. M. Hayes, farmer, county
  • John Tucker, overseer, county
  • John Thomas, slave of Fielder Magruder
  • Samuel Brown, slave of Mrs. Alfred Wells
  • Thos. Gorham, colored, at Mr. Rowe’s
  • Barton T. Soper, laborer, county
  • Robt. Barris, colored, farmer, at J. C. Read’s
  • Richard B. Beam, farmer, county
  • Geo. M. Balls, laborer, county
  • James E. Cook, occupation none
  • John Mason, slave of Capt. J. Barney
  • Benj. Scaggs, colored, county
  • Wm. Snowden, colored
  • Zachariah Mangum, laborer, Bladensburg
  • Lorenzo Scott, colored, gardener, at C. B. Calvert’s
  • Andrew Lynch, stonemason, Bladensburg
  • John Hawkins, colored
  • Edward Philips, farmer, county
  • Zachariah Berry, of Zach., planter, county
  • Thomas Harwood, slave of Mrs. Alfred D. Berry
  • George Knight, colored, servant at Rev. Dr. Pinkney’s
  • John W. Morsell, oil store, county
  • George Taylor, miller, Bladensburg
  • John O. Duvall, farmer, county
  • Elisha Jones, farmer, county
  • Nace Calvert, colored, at Mrs. John E. Berry’s
  • Levi King, teamster, Bladensburg
  • Lewis Ma[...], planter, county
  • Daniel Bell, slave of Zachariah Berry, of Z
  • Jacob Compton, slave of Thos. E. Berry
  • Spea[?] Johnson, colored
  • William Norton, slave of Benj. O. Lowndes
  • Philip Hanson, slave of Charles Hayes
  • Elijah Gregory, farmer, county
  • Edward Lint, of Jesse, overseer, county
  • Edward Wood, slave of Edward H. Calvert
  • Charles Hoehn, shoemaker, Bladensburg
  • Jos. Kennedy, farmer
  • John E. Jones, farmer
  • Samuel F. Clark, farmer
  • Henry Owens, slave of Robert Clark
  • Odell W. Hilleary, farmer
  • Charles B. Harris, physician, county
  • Henry Freeman, blacksmith, county
  • Bradley Jones, farmer, county
  • Wm. Barnes, col’d, farmer, at J. C. Read’s
  • David Fall, colored
  • Wm. M. Wilson, planter
  • James Adams, col’d, farmer
  • Wm. Howard, slave of Willett Hilleary

Third District

  • Ignatius Nalley, overseer, near Upper Marlborough
  • Jno. Duvall, laborer, near Long Old Fields
  • Joseph Gordon, slave of Mary Bowie
  • Thos. Smoot, blacksmith, near Upper Marlborough
  • Peter G. Grimes, sheriff, Upper Marlborough
  • Jno. H. Turner, slave estate of R. Magruder
  • Sameul [sic] H. Crawford, carpenter, near Upper Marlborough
  • John Clark, slave of Mary W. Hilleary
  • John Wells, age 20, clerk
  • Thos. Bell, slave of A. M. Berry
  • Gilbert Gorden, slave of Mary Bowie
  • John Sweeny, overseer, near Long Old Fields
  • Thomas Sweeny, overseer, near Long Old Fields
  • Philip Mayhew, overseer, Upper Marlborough
  • Frisby Dent, slave of H. W. Clagett
  • Chew Burgess, slave of W. Hilleary
  • Geo. H. Richardson, laborer, near Long Old Fields
  • John Clifton, slave of Eliza D. Graham
  • Wm. Henson, slave of Gen. Thomas F. Bowie
  • Wm. H. Osborn, farmer, near Upper Marlborough
  • John Henry Stewart, slave of Zadoc Sasscer
  • Hilleary Butler, slave of J. A. Osborn
  • Allison Nichols, slave J. T. Sasscer
  • George Davage, slave of estate of Z. B. Bell
  • Alexander Barnes, slave of Thos. H. Osborn
  • William Beall, slave of R. S. Hill
  • Daniel Gant, slave of M. S. Plummer
  • Wm. Hodges, slave of Wash. J. Beall
  • Thos. Simpson, laborer, near Long Old Field
  • Samuel Crawford
  • Robert Green, colored, near Croom
  • William Dayton, slave of R. S. Hill
  • Frank Young, slave of estate of Z. Sasscer
  • Wm. H. Sasscer, farmer, Upper Marlborough
  • Otho Berry, slave of estate of R. McGregor
  • Geo. H. Bunnell, clerk, Upper Marlborough
  • Benjamin H. C. Bowie, farmer, near Upper Marlborough
  • Edward D. Young, laborer, do.
  • A. F. Brooks, age 20, clerk
  • Rezin Williams, slave of E. G. W. Hall
  • Frank Brown, slave of R. B. B. Chew
  • Frank Booth, slave of Fender Suit
  • John L. Thompson, overseer, near Upper Marlborough
  • John Sheckles, age 27, teacher
  • Cato Crawford, slave of Thos. Clagett
  • Wm. Albert Brooks, age 25, Upper Marlborough
  • Robert Blackiston, slave of W. B. Bowie
  • Lewis Fritch, coachman, Upper Marlboro
  • John F. Young, laborer, Upper Marlboro
  • John W. Brown, baker, Upper Marlboro
  • Richard O. Hodges, farmer, Upper Marlboro
  • Wm. F. Bowie, farmer, Upper Marlboro
  • Wm. Bowie, slave of estate of R. McGregor
  • Thos. Hammond, slave of Eliza C. Bowie
  • George H. Randall, laborer, Long Old Fields
  • John Lee, slave of Wm. P. Pumphrey
  • Jas. Jones, of James, farmer, near Long Old Fields
  • Washington Marlow, slave of Wm. F. Berry
  • John W. Bowie, farmer, Upper Marlboro
  • John Schell, carpenter, Upper Marlboro
  • Geo. C. Merrick, lawyer, Upper Marlboro
  • George Woodward, slave of John Hodges, Sr.
  • Timothy Ryard, laborer, Upper Marlboro
  • Robert Queen, slave of estate of Dr. R. W. Brown
  • Philip Galloway, slave of John Hodges, Sr.
  • Botelor Stalor, slave of Samuel M. Brooke
  • Horace Wells, colored, near Upper Marlboro
  • Cornelius Gordon, slave of Mary Bowie
  • John B. Farr, blacksmith, Upper Marlboro
  • John Hall, colored, near Upper Marlboro
  • John Dorsey, slave of Mary Bowie
  • Clifford N. Bowie, age 24, gentleman
  • Joseph Butler, slave of estate of H. C. Scott
  • Thos. W. Anderson, merchant, Upper Marlboro’
  • William Fisher, overseer, Upper Marlboro’
  • J. Lansdale Ghieslin, clerk, Upper Marlboro’
  • James Harris, age 34, clerk
  • Robert W. Selby, overseer, near Croom
  • J. W. Mayhew, age 35, laborer
  • Robert Turner, slave of estate of R. McGregor
  • Levi Gant, slave of C. L. Young
  • Rafe Harrison, slave of Major J. F. Lee
  • Pompey West, slave of estate of Z. Sasscer
  • John H. McCullough, Clerk, Upper Marlboro’
  • Nat Wood, slave of Charles B. Calvert
  • Thomas Proctor, colored, hostler, near Upper Marlboro’

Prince George’s Co., Maryland, 1864 Civil War Draftees (Part 1)

Extracted from Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, Md., 31 May 1864, pg. 1

Drafted on 30 May 1864, Ellicott’s Mills, Maryland

Fourth District

  • Lewis Pyles, slave of Jno. Y. Berry
  • Geo. Johnson, slave of Dr. J. H. S. Skinner
  • Benjamin T. Wilson, near Croom
  • William Davis, colored, near Nottingham
  • Jacob Curtin, near T. B.
  • Daniel Hanson, slave of James S. Bowie
  • Samuel Revis, slave of T. G. Fenton
  • Frank Robinson, near T. B.
  • Mortimer Tayman, near Croom
  • David Crack, slave of Mrs. A. Brooks
  • William L. Woodburn, near Nottingham
  • Richard Thomas, slave of Fielder Bowie
  • Noble Herd, slave of Henry S. Mitchell
  • John H. Gant, slave of Fielder Bowie
  • Nathan Duckett, slave of Joseph H. Turner
  • Ebenezer Russell, slave of James Nailor of Jas.
  • James Pickney, slave of Dr. Clagett
  • John P. Hall, near Horsehead
  • Wm. Carroll, slave of Mr. J. H. S. Skinner
  • John Mackall, slave of James Nailor of James
  • S. R. Gordon, near Croom
  • Wash. Gray, slave of estate of E. L. Perry
  • Jas. Thomas of Jas., near Brandywine
  • Ignatius Fletcher, slave of Wm. Duvall
  • Frank Griffith, slave of Fielder Bowie
  • Henry Hager, slave of Henry S. Mitchell
  • Edward Ford, slave of James J. Bowie
  • Mortimer Grant, slave of Fielder Bowie
  • John Addison, colored, near Brandywine
  • Thos. Silby, near Nottingham
  • Anthony Addison, slave of estate of Wm. M. Bowie
  • Wm. Kyler, colored, near Nottingham
  • Richard Curtis, slave of E. G. Perry
  • Thos. Diggs, slave of Wm. H. Burch
  • John Hall, slave of estate of Jas. Baden
  • Upton Bruce, slave of Mrs. S. Bruce
  • John Hamilton, slave of Clement D. Hill
  • John W. Hays
  • James Thomas, near Croom
  • Edw. Lynch, do.
  • Jesse Allen, slave of Jno. A. Pumphrey
  • Richard Windsor, near Brandywine
  • Alex. Grose, slave of R. D. Burroughs
  • Leonard Taylor, near Croom
  • Wm. E. Peach, near Nottingham
  • Wm. E. Duvall, do.
  • Joe Cosey, slave of Clement D. Hill
  • Enoch G. Perry, near Nottingham

Fifth District

  • George Diggs, slave of Wm. Lyle
  • J. J. Lumis, T. B.
  • James Tayman, near Surratt’s
  • Emory Monroe, Ackuk Church
  • Jas. Cogy, slave of Mrs. M. E. Edelin
  • Edward Bowie, slave of John H. Hardesty
  • Madison G. Gibbons, slave of Matthew N. Hoff
  • Jas. Martin, near T. B.
  • Thomas F. Cassidy, Broad Creek
  • John Beasley
  • Lewis Conner, slave of Enock Shorne
  • Richard Bell, Piscataway
  • Charles Dickson, slave of John B. Edelin
  • Henry Butler, colored, Fort Washington
  • R. L. Hatton
  • Henry A. Young, near Farmington
  • Rezin Beander, slave of Nancy Goles
  • Saml. Stewart, slave of Mrs. M. E. Edelin
  • George Chase, slave of Sarah Marshall
  • John Thorn, Franklin
  • Wm. Harren, Piscataway
  • August Campbell, slave of R. W. Hunter
  • Wm. Davis, slave of B. [or R.] D. Hatten
  • John Briscoe, slave of Benedict
  • D. T. Carroll, Piscataway
  • Wm. T. Robinsen
  • John Hunter, near Broad Creek
  • Wm. Crook
  • Wm. J. Tabbritt, Fort Washington
  • Alfred Locker, slave of the estate of R. S. Jenkins
  • Charles Boswell, Farmington
  • Walter W. Thorn, Ridge
  • Nich. Queen, slave of W. H. Gwynn
  • Claggett Thorn, Franklin
  • J. Chipebase, Ackuk Church
  • J. Goddard, Broad Creek
  • James Warring, slave of the estate of J. H. Lowe
  • Warren M. Ives, T. B.
  • John Ballman, Broad Creek
  • Samuel Edelin, slave of P. R. Edelin
  • Henry Pickney, slave of Saml. Cole
  • Wm. Jefferson
  • Wm. A. Gibbons, T. B.
  • Saml. Hawkins, slave of E. H. Wyville
  • Benj. Kidwell, T. B.
  • Alfred Marshall, slave of Henry Bowling
  • Geo. E. Gwynn
  • Noah Wesley, colored, Piscataway
  • J. Y. Bryan, Ridge
  • Franklin Tiffett
  • Henry Harrison, colored, Piscataway
  • Oliver Hawton, Bryan Landing
  • Edward Fry, Ridge
  • Joshua Butler, Bryan Landing
  • Ben. Marlow, slave of Nathaniel

Sixth District

  • Clayborn,slave of Judem Wallace
  • Edwd. Kemp, near Green
  • Richard Brown, Crawford Mill
  • Jos. T. Payne
  • John H. Lowe, Long Old Fields
  • Gilbert Grace, slave of Thomas R. Berry
  • Richard Lynch, slave of Bradley Stansbury
  • Charles Brown, slave of Joseph Bird
  • Stephen Hall, slave of Wm. Bayne
  • E. H. Nigh, Long Old Fields
  • Robert Locker, colored, near Long Old Fields
  • Wm. Thomas, slave of Thomas Ryan
  • Grafton Copper, slave of Thomas R. Berry
  • Jeff. Burgess, near Long Old Fields
  • William Brent, Long Old Fields
  • Thomas Savoy, slave of Calvert Brown
  • John Carroll, slave of John S. Talbott
  • Milburn Baily, slave of Thomas W. Soper
  • Simon Gray, slave of Richard Q. Bowling
  • Alexander H. Grime
  • Francis Talbott
  • Rich’d Wikler
  • George Grace, slave of Thomas R. Berry
  • Wm. Hutchinson, near Long Old Fields
  • Solomon Blackwell, slave of Thomas Brooks
  • Norris Smith
  • Lewis Roagey, slave of Wm. Bayne
  • John Washington, slave of Allen Dodge

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Family Bible – Haight/Fite (Schuyler Co., New York)

I bought this small Bible on eBay last year.  I would love to return it to the family.
The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  London: Oxford University Press, undated.  The book contains the New Testament and the Psalms.  It measures approximately 10 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm.  Inside the front cover is written "Charles Haight" and "1908".  "Charles Haight" is scribbled over, and the initials "M J H" and the name "Mary Jane" and date "1908" — apparently in a child’s handwriting — are written.
The following entries are handwritten on the blank pages in the back:
Helen Mae Fite
Born April 24, 1906
Charles Nathan Haight
Born Aug. 9, 1900
Married July 7, 1924
Richard Charles Haight
Born Apri. 26, 1930
Baptized Oct. 19, 1930
by Arthur B. Hess
Mary Jane Haight
Born Sept 6, 1934
Baptized June 9, 1935
by Rev. Clayton Griswald
The 1930 U. S. Census contains the following family:
Charles Haight, age 29, b. New York (both parents b. New York)
Helen [Haight], age 23, b. Pennsylvania (both parents b. Pennsylvania)
[1930 U. S. Census, Schuyler Co., New York, population schedule, Watkins Glen village, Dix township, ED 49-5, SD 13, pg. 17A, dwg. 429, fam. 429; NARA microfilm T626, roll 1647]
The Social Security Death Index has the following entries:
Charles Haight, b. 9 Aug 1900, d. Sep 1982, Watkins Glen, Schuyler Co., New York; SS#094-03-8038
Helen F. Haight, b. 24 Apr 1906, d. 14 Mar 1998, Watkins Glen, Schuyler Co., New York; SS#061-20-1815
There is a Richard C. Haight listed in the U. S. Public Records Index on, living at Sebring, Highlands Co., Florida.


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